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our roots

Kihums runs back its root from traditional and small town of weavers.

Our weavers weave cloth like a writer writes a story, which is with love and utmost care that is how we make sure of utmost quality of all our products.

When I first thought of Kihums, I was on a vacation at our hometown, also known as the silk city of India. By chance had an opportunity to meet the weaver community of the town, their meticulous work and dedication inspired me so much that I decided to work with them and that is how I became We and Kihums came into existence.

As I delved into, it was heart wrenching to discover how hard working they are and ill paid for their work because most of the income goes to the middle man. I wanted to remove this barrier and make KIHUMS the platform to promote the community and enable them to earn what they work for. This is not just a business but an initiative to make the weavers community stronger and sustainable. We need to take pride and value our heritage to keep it alive so I can proudly say that every sale that we make, we are contributing to our culture, our people and empowering their will to do what they do the best.

I am also very thankful to all the customers and client who trust us with their time and choices. We strive hard to provide the best in class quality with affordable prices because we value relationship more than a short term goal of profit making.

Kihums takes care of all the new trends along with a touch of finesse and restoring traditional outlook. With a vision of growing love and trust in the hearts of our clients, we promise to deliver our best.

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